Hey there, I’m Tekla Luchenski – writer and content marketer.

I write to help you create and grow your brand. I’ve helped people who build/renovate houses, and who promote ethical alternatives to diamonds.

I was a regular contributor to a community publication, where I covered arts and culture, urban planning, health and wellness, especially regarding ADHD, community news, and social issues.

My talent lies in listening to you. I pay attention to your passion and to the things that are is important to you for your project or business.

You are the heart and soul of your project. I want to help you project your vision. You have a great idea. I will help you share it!

My talent lies in listening to you.

– Tekla Luchenski

I enjoy working with small business owners, creatives, and non-profit organizations. I love the excitement and passion of helping people realize their dreams.

I am also a blogger, with a focus on mental health advocacy. I write to challenge stigma with frank, sometimes irreverent, and hopefully amusing stories about my journey. I want to inform and engage readers for better mental health. Watch for a relaunch of MirrorPhoenix, coming soon.

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